Live Fireworks (MCA/ Songbird MCA—3248) 1980









On Live Fireworks Marty and band pulled out all the stops and proved that they were more than capable of performing straight-ahead rock-n-roll. Looks like there were some changes in the line-up as they’re now an all-male foursome (although you can sometimes hear a female backing vocal assisting). The live concert setting is the perfect vehicle for showcasing the group’s heavier side on this collection of all new material. Jerry Gaston’s electric guitar work in particular adds a hard edge to the band’s sound on ‘Rescued’, ‘Listen’, ‘Target Practice’, ‘Toll Free’, ‘Rusty Burdens’ and ‘Ready For The Rest Of You’ – all powerful rockers that undoubtedly would have been watered down had the band done another Myrrh studio recording. Ballads like ‘Someone’s Got A Hold Of Me’ and ‘It All Comes Down To You’ are also quite effective in the live environment. Recorded at The Lord’s Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s a fairly serious Afro that Marty’s sporting on the back cover photo. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Listen 4:30
1-3Target Practice2:48
1-4Someone's Got A Hold Of Me3:30
2-1Toll Free3:25
2-2Good Thing3:09
2-3Rusty Burdens3:31
2-4It All Comes Down To You3:37
2-5Ready For The Best Of You3:46