Nobody Knows (BL—001) 1979




Steele, Brian - Nobody Knows




Wholesome album of acoustic songs from stirring smooth-voiced singer, songwriter and guitarist. Pleasant jangly guitar sound, sometimes with a light classical air, with occasional enrichment from recorder and light string orchestration. Covers of ‘I Was In His Mind’, ‘My Song’ (which also appeared on Dust’s early Myrrh album), Stookey’s plus a couple hymns. ‘l’ve Got The Joy You’re Lookin’ For’ ramps up the mood to minor—key county/rural rock, including some notable electric guitar jamming. Also three fine original songs written by Brian: ‘Love’s Road”, “Thank You’ and the beautiful ballad ‘Wedding Gift’. Closes with a piano-backed version of the title spiritual. Includes input from Scott Malchow (keyboards, string arrangements), Steve Gamble (producer) and Garry Gamble (art direction). Recorded at Sound 80 in Minneapolis.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Brian Steele - Nobody (Bck)

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Love's Road3:33
1-3Thank You3:14
1-4Wedding Gift2:57
1-5There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood4:17
2-1I've Got The Joy You're Lookin' For 2:33
2-2I Was In His Mind2:32
2-3My Song2:11
2-4More Love To Thee, O Christ2:58
2-5Nobody Knows The 3:29