I Love Jesus (Lamb & Lion LL-1031) 1977




Spring Of Joy - I Love Jesus




This six-man California outfit spends most of their time in light rural rock territory. Fortunately they overcome their periodic mellow orchestrated MOR tendencies to produce some worthwhile songs. ‘A Purpose’ is good acoustic rural rock, its progressive edge enhanced by synthesizer and lead electric guitar. ‘Come To Me’ is another strong cut with a moody quality that’s on par with The Way, String synth used here and there, as on the pastoral ballad ‘Our Lives’. The jazzy brass on ‘Children’ rings a bit of Chicago, while ‘There’s More To Life’ supplies the jew’s-harp electric hoe-down number. Kind of unfocused as a whole, but still deserves company with Mountain Glory, Simple Truth, Children Of The Light, Fred Field, you know, all those easygoing country dudes. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Spring Of Joy - I (Bck)

Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo, and song list and times.

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Jesus Is My Shepherd 4:25
1-2I Love Jesus 2:35
1-3Our Lives 3:25
1-4A Purpose5:40
2-1Children 4:30
2-2Come To Me 2:50
2-3There’s More To Life 3:25
2-4What Must I Do 7:05