Jesus: The Moment Of Truth (no label JJ101) 1972



Jesus - The Moment Of Truth (custom)






The Moment Of Truth is an excellent recording that pools the talents of four Pittsburgh Campus Christian Fellowship artists. Steve Israel opens with a pair of authentic 12-string rural electric folk-rock tracks, followed by the folksy dulcimer-accompanied ‘Just Believe It’s True’. Next is Al Mossburg and Logos, continuing with the hippie rural vibes on the wistful ‘Kind Of A Woman“ (also featured on the compilations Beginnings and The Greatest Of These Is Love) and the classic Southern—edged ‘Rabbit’s Song’ with some electrifying fuzz guitar. Gretchen Naugle’s three selections start off side two, turning the mood to dreamy acoustic sounds with shimmering guitar and lovely female vocals, mingling with Vibraphone on the mysterious ‘In His Tirne’. Closing the set is Tricia Lynn with two delicate spoken-word-over-guitar poems: ‘The Christian Tree’ and ‘I Am God’. The latter five-and—a—half minute track was deleted when the album was picked up in 1974 by the Sonrise Mercantile label (SMC 003, which also has a different cover and song sequence), so by all means seek to track down this the original custom production. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thank you Donald for the original custom front cover. There are apparently more than 1 version of Sunrise album both with different song line-ups.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1STEVE ISRAEL - Lord I Need You3:45
1-2GRECHEN NAUGLE - As You Stand There2:40
1-3STEVE ISRAEL - Just Believe It's True1:45
1-4LOGOS - Kind Of A Woman3:55
1-5TRICIA LYNN - The Christian Tree3:20
2-1GRECHEN NAUGLE - In His Time3:10
2-2LOGOS - Rabbit's Song4:42
2-3GRECHEN NAUGLE - Isaiah 35:83:12
2-4STEVE ISRAEL - Praise His Name3:40






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1STEVE ISRAEL - Lord I Need You 3:45
1-2GRECHEN NAUGLE - As You Stand There 2:40
1-3STEVE ISRAEL - Praise His Name 1:45
1-4GRECHEN NAUGLE - In His Time 3:55
1-5STEVE ISRAEL - Just Believe It's True 3:20
2-1GRECHEN NAUGLE - Isaiah 35.8: Glory Hallelujah 3:10
2-2LOGOS - Rabbit's Song 4:42
2-3LOGOS - A Kind of a Woman 3:12
2-4TRACIA LYNN - The Christian Tree 3:40