All My Friends Are Sinners (Galilee GA 2001) 1978 Australia *



Sally Hilder-All My Friends areSinners


Intelligent collection of rock, pop, folk and ballads from Australian female singer. Sally’s got a gifted seasoned voice that can adjust to whatever the mood is: soft yet with feeling, bluesy and sensual, touched with melancholy, folksy and carefree. Backed by a number of musicians for a professional sound that’s thankfully closer to commercial mainstream values than it is to corn radio. Includes a couple electric blues numbers: ‘Two Of Me Walking In One Man Blues’ and the fast-rocking ‘Bringing To You’ (with_ impressive guitar solo). Touches of jazz-funk on ‘Praise To The Lord’, ‘Alone In The Garden’ and ‘I Wish I’d Never Known’, “all enhanced with saxophone and electric piano. On the quieter end are two beautiful acoustic tracks: ‘On A Cross’ and ‘Father In Heaven’. ‘Waggoner And Jones’ draws its theme from two Seventh Day Adventist elders of the late 1800s. Portions of this album remind me of Judy MacKenzie. Produced by Bob Wolgrarnm who also wrote many of the songs and played guitar (he’s got an equally strong solo lp on the same label). Shiny gate-fold cover. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Sally Hilder - All (In Lt)

Sally Hilder - All (In Rt)

Sally Hilder - All (Bck)


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Brian for the song list and times.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo & the inside gate-fold photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1On a Cross 1:35
1-2Have You Heard the News 2:50
1-3Procula 2:40
1-4Waggoner and Jones 3:13
1-5Two of Me Walking in One Man Blues 2:46
1-6Praise to the Lord 2:37
1-7Alone in the Garden
2-1Simon's Song 3:29
2-2Trinity 2:16
2-3Father in Heaven 2:56
2-4Bringing to You 3:18
2-5I Wish I'd Never Known 4:48
2-6On a Cross (Reprise) 1:19