I Need You Every Hour (Word FS-725/WST 8465) 1969



Ray Hildebrand - I (Fnt)


This is Ray’s second Christian album, don’t be miss lead by the title. Ray’s ‘Say I Do’ made even more famous by Evie is on this album. Ray has his own web site and you can read more details on Ray and His career there and purchase his CD’s. While there I saw another later album by Land And Hildrebrand called Phrogs, Pharoah, and Phorgiveness, which sounded kind of interesting at least to me. There is also a children’s album  Big Ears for those who might be raising children.  All the songs are written by Ray except the title song.    diakoneo



Ray Hildebrand - I (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the improved front and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Need You Every Hour 3:50
1-2Help The Little Itty Bitty Children2:20
1-3Say I Do2:30
1-4The Life That Wins2:30
1-5Oh Can't You Hear The Music2:40
2-1Common Ground3:33
2-2Don't Feel Sorry2:35
2-3Joy Love Peace and Patience1:52
2-4Lord, There's A Mountain Over Here2:20
2-5Pretty People2:52