He’s Everything To Me (Word WST-8411-LP) 1968?


Ray Hildebrand - He's (Fnt)


With his butch haircut and button-down sweater, Ray looks very much the ‘60s frat boy on this his first Christian lp. I find the album surprisingly entertaining, gentle folk/pop melodies shuffling along to a light bossa nova beat. Simple production measures highlighting acoustic and classical guitar, backed by crisp percussion, embellished here and there with flute, piano and soft-n-easy trumpet. Includes seven of Ray’s own songs, plus a few Kurt Kaiser and Ralph Carmichael standards. The latter’s ‘All My Life’ takes on a cool loungy cocktail vibe, enhanced by deep breathy bass flute. And check out that groovy organ on ‘The Man’. Shares common ground with the earliest Gene Cotton and John Fischer records.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Thank you Donald for the improved front cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Turn It Over To Jesus2:16
1-2It's Jesus Coming For Me2:22
1-3It's Free2:13
1-4Be Kind Tryin'2:17
1-5What This World Needs2:40
1-6All My Life2:45
2-1He's Everything To Me2:38
2-2Get To Doin'.2:09
2-3The Man2:21
2-4 I'm Free1:26
2-5Good News, Children Of God Never Die!2:44
2-6If I Live, Well Praise The Lord2:30