We Are “His” (Ripcord Records  no #)  1973?  Canada



His - We (Fnt)


































This is another album by this group from Goldendale, Washington.  “We Are “His” may have  been released in 1973 as most groups seem to go from  more obscure labels to more popular labels, where as  “Because We Are “His” is on  the Light label. It also seems more probable that “Because We Are “His” would tend to follow “We Are “His”.  This album is also along the Ralph Carmichael order with ‘He’s Everything To Me’, being on both albums.  Only ten songs on this album.  There appears to only be 12 members of the group at this time.    diakoneo





















His - We (Bck)

















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1A Minute Won't Wait2:37
1-2Let It Breathe On Me / You Can Touch Him If You Try3:17
1-3God Be With Me2:47
1-4Spirit In The Sky2:15
1-5Lead Me To Calvary3:05
2-1Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus1:57
2-2He's Everything To Me2:23
2-3Jesus Is A Soul Man2:26
2-4Amazing Grace2:20
2-5Oh, Happy Day4:35