Love Song For The Earth (Myrrh MYR 1051) 1976 UK *



Hewitt, Garth - Love Song For The Earth (UK)


Third lp from UK harmonica-toting patched bluejeans cowboy boots muscle shirt Greenbelt troubadour; and the first to be co-released in the States (he’s smiling on the US cover, frowning on the UK cover). This is probably Garth’s most natural down-to-earth recording, beginning and ending with stripped-down bluesy numbers (Jerry Jeff Wa1ker’s ‘Harmonica Talk’ and ‘I’ve Made Up My Mind’) that feature nuthin’ but Garth, mouth harp, and toe-tap. In between you’ll find ten original compositions in an unsweetened folk-rock-country format, with Bryn Haworth’s rousing presence on acoustic, electric slide, mandolin, dobro, 12-string and something called a “harpolek”. Also a bit of banjo and fiddle, but no keyboards, strings or horns in sight. ‘The Dust Of Death’, ‘The Reason And The Rhyme’, ‘Paint My Picture (Warts And All)’, ‘Wooden Cross Rider’ and ‘Get Up And Dance’ all have rustic influences that ensure there will be no over-polished-British-male-solo syndrome on this album. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Garth Hewitt - Love (MYR Bck)


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Harmonica Talk1:02
1-2The Dust Of Death4:02
1-3The Reason And The Rhyme4:27
1-4Live For Now2:33
1-5Paint My Picture (Warts And All)2:48
1-6Love Song For The Earth3:30
2-2A Friend Of A King3:37
2-3Wooden Cross Rider3:09
2-4Holy Ground4:16
2-5Get Up And Dance3:34
2-6I've Made Up My Mind1:34