Heaven (Set Free MX 46846) 1978 Australia *















Wonderful unknown Australian electric folk-rock custom from five guys and two girls known as JFS, or The Jesus Fold Singers. All original material that includes jangly upbeat songs (‘Jesus Loves You’), soft— psych ballads (‘Wonderful’, ‘This Is Love’), dreamy electric folk (‘Peace Like A River’) and phased-guitar folk/psych (‘I Know He’s Coming Back’). Also a couple great basement surf-rock songs with a ‘60s vibe: ‘Thank You For Setting Me Free’ and ‘The Islands’, the latter with a roll call of tropical resorts (Jamaica, Hawaii, Bali, Tahiti) and a chorus of “all of their idols are taking a dive, pagan gods are dead, Jesus Christ he’s alive”. Nice organ and accented bass groove on ‘He’s Coming Soon’. Some parts reminded me of fellow countrymen Kindekrist, while a couple of the ballads brought to mind 11:59 (especially the water and bird effects on the title track). The band members were all from South Bondi Free Evangelical Church. Fairly long hair for a couple of the guys. Magnificent cover art depicting a city of gold amidst the clouds. Distributed by Rhema Records. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


I have not acquired this album yet.