In The End Times (Gospel Now Sound 101831/2) 1975?



Jesus, You & Me - In The End Times













Typically uninteresting custom label scores a welcome exception with these four high school-looking guys from Marion, Ohio. Basic inexpensive home-made loner acoustic rock sound courtesy of two guitars, drums and sometimes harmonica. No solo riffs sadly, but they do write all their own songs and the jangly rural vibrations satisfy. Mostly mid-tempo strums carrying along titles like ‘Give Your Heart To Jesus’, ‘Decent Trip’ and ‘Jesus In The Morning’. ‘Do You Know’, ‘Lighted Avenue’ and ‘Hosanna’ are some of the more energetic numbers, the latter with some fairly pumped-up drum action. Also a short spoken-word-over-guitar ‘Invitation’ by Pastor Bob Swanger. Doesn’t quite have the edge of the respected Listen lp, but comes close a few times. Has that generic sundial face cover seen on several custom lps. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Jesus You & Me - In (Bck)













I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Do You Know
1-2And Then
1-4Give Your Heart To Jesus
1-6Walking Down The Highway
2-1Lighted Avenue
2-2Decent Trip
2-3Jesus In The Morning
2-4Just God And Me
2-5Harvest Day
2-7Follow Me