Because The Lord Loves Me (Jesse JSR80033) 1981


Jesse - Because The Lord Loves Me













A charming set of gentle acoustic folk-rock tunes from male/female Colorado sextet. Acoustic guitars stream gracefully alongside piano, bass, drums and soft harmonies through melodic songs like ‘Love Is’, ‘Glory And Praise’ and ‘You Are The Way’. Light rural sentiment on the title track, the organ-backed ‘The Kingdom Will Come’ and the wispy forlorn ‘Let This Cup Pass’ (lead vocal brings to mind Oden Fong). Effective synthesizer in spots, especially beautiful on the opening ‘Valley Of Fear’. Same for the flute on ‘The Great Commandment’. Lovely female solo vocals and mellotron (?) on the C S Lewis-inspired ‘Silent Planet’. Reminds me particularly of Joe Dailey & Friends, along with some impressions of groups like Paul Knapp & George Brundick and Siloam. I find myself quite drawn to this album. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


I have not acquired this album yet.