Sanctuary (no label no #)  1985




This was our last vinyl album.  After it, we changed our name, once again, from He Shall Be Peace to Sanctuary, and we’ve released several cd’s: Magnificat, The Passion, Ancient Light, and Sacred Earth, which is a double album from 2008.  Currently we are working on electronic releases, mostly singles rather than full albums.
The Sanctuary album moved us into several new directions, including the use of hand-held percussion, which lends a mid-Eastern or Renaissance sound.  Also the use of Latin – English mixed texts on the Sanctus and the Gloria.  The album also features the most highly performed song we ever offered, “I will be your God”. Instrumentally, there’s a lot more classical guitar, such as the obligatto on Psalm 131.  The flute plays an important part on the Sanctus.
“The Lord is Present” is written in an unusual 5/4 meter, to develop an emphatic rhythm.“From the rising to the setting of the Sun” is a hymn used in the Augustinian community at evening prayer. “O how Wonderful” is a shortened text from the Exultet, the Easter Proclamation sung on Holy Saturday at the Easter Vigil. “Sanctuary Interlude” offers a moment of peacefulness, simply played by solo flute and solo classical guitar. [Notes from Paul Wrynn].                 diakoneo


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Introduction: The Lord Is Presrent
1-2From The Rising To The Setting
1-3The Lord Is Present (Reprise)
1-4 I Will Be Your God
1-5Psalm 131
1-6His Love Is Everlasting
1-7 Sanctuary Interlude
2-1Psalm 141
2-3O How Wonderful
2-5Sanctuary Reflection
2-6Greeting Of Peace