I Never Knew Life Was In Full Technicolor, (Myrrh MYR 1017) 1974 UK *



This one skips stylistically from relaxed rural folk-rock (‘Walk In His Shoes’, ‘The Road From Eiken To Davos’) to country (the live Johrmy Cash-like hand clapping title) to Dixieland (‘I Will Return’) to noisy harmonica wails (‘Life Is For The Living’) to purely acoustic ballads (‘The Father’s Song’). ‘Follow The Dancer’, ‘Truth Is A Lovely Tune’, ‘Number One’ and ‘Welcome Home Pilgrim’ are all slow songs gently orchestrated with strings. Bigger smoother production values and nix on the female bgvs, but there’s still enough edge to maintain a safe distance from ccm. Produced by Tony Hooper ‘of The Strawbs, who also contributes guitar to one track. The full title is actually I Never Knew Life Was In Full TechnicoIor. Till I Saw It On The Silver Screen. Lovely shoulder-length hair-do. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Follow the Dancer2:56
1-2Walk in His Shoes2:30
1-3Life Is For the Living2:32
1-4Truth Is a Lovely Tune2:35
1-5I Will Return3:05
2-1I Never Knew Life Was in Full Technicolor2:28
2-2The Road From Eiken to Davos3:43
2-3The People of the West (Amos Rides Again)3:10
2-4Number One4:33
2-5Welcome Home Pilgrim3:10
The Father's Song1:57