Did He Jump… Or Was He Pushed? (Patch WOOF 1001) 1979 UK *



Hewitt’s heaviest rocking album includes some good examples of punchy r&r (‘Not Afraid To Rock ‘N’ Roll’), boogie blues rock (‘On And On’), reggae-tinged pop (‘Let’s Go Out’) and big beat rockabilly (‘Big Black Mamba’), the latter with slide guitar, pumpin’ drums and rippling piano licks. Offset with mellow ballads like ‘Physical Pain’ and ‘World Of Difference’. All Hewitt originals, save for a brisk bluesy interpretation of ‘We Sure Do’ (i.e., ‘If We Ever Needed The Lord Before’) and the closing gospel-edged ‘Roll On’ (credited to Gary Osbourne and Elton John). Includes reappearances of Bryn Haworth (slide guitar) and Cliff Richard (backing vocals, producer). Label connected to EMI Records. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Not Afraid To Rock 'N' Roll2:41
1-2On And On3:12
1-3Always On The Run3:23
1-4Physical Pain3:34
1-5Let's Go Out3:46
2-1Big Black Mamba2:52
2-2Did He Jump3:33
2-3He's The One3:55
2-4World Of Difference3:19
2-5We Sure Do2:31
2-6Roll On3:07