Liturgical Jazz (Ecclesia ER-101) 1963?



Summerlin, Ed - Liturgical Jazz
















What we have here is exactly what the album title says: Liturgical Jazz, an early experiment in modernizing the liturgy through the medium of jazz music. There are a couple of traditional hymns mixed in, but mostly it’s instruments like sax, trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn, drums and bass pumping out competent jazz grooves. Ed Summerlin is the composer and also plays tenor sax. Methodist clergyman Roger Ortmayer does the spoken portions, sometimes reading his lines in a fast high-pitched robotic monotone that’s not too distant from Beldar Conehead Add the rhythmic chanted responses of the other readers and the smooth pulsating background beat and you’ve definitely got something that’s a bit off the beaten path. Back cover notes state that Ed wrote Liturgical Jazz in 1959. Ed also had a later album on Avant Garde worth checking out called Ring Out Joy. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Ed Summerlin Liturgy in Jazz Down Beat March 31, 1960







Ed Summerlin Liturgy in Jazz Down Beat March 31, 1960 page 2




Ed Summerlin Liturgy in Jazz Down Beat April 14, 1960







Ed Summerlin - Liturgical Jazz label side 1

Ed Summerlin - Liturgical Jazz label side 2





































































Ed Summerlin - Liturgical Jazz back













Ed Summerlin - Liturgical (Bck)(1)















Thank you Brian for the label photos and the rear cover photo as well as the articles from Downbeat. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Prelude 5:10
1-2Collect for Purity of Heart 0:25
1-3Hymn of Praise: Love Devine 2:33
1-4Service of Confession3:00
1-5Service of the Word4:37
2-1Te Deum1:49
2-2New Testament Lesson (II Peter 1 3-11)1:33
2-4The Apostles' Creed0:43
2-5Witness to the Word: Sermon0:44
2-6Service of Offering6:45