A Question Of Faith (Waltersdorff 4113N3) 1974


Charlie Earnst-A Question Of Faith















Premium loner acoustic rock sounds on this Pennsylvania gent’s obscure custom lp. Charlie Earnst’s music at times suggests the lost weary rural vibes of Neil Young crossed with the gentle acoustic folk/psych reverie of artists like Dennis Ryder. He even leaves impressions of an unplugged Rainbow Promise on the opening ‘A Question Of Faith’, a mysterious eight-minute piece featuring Charlie’s fragile Vocals (lead and self harmony), backed by rhythm and lead acoustic guitars, electric bass and drums, with moods that shift from quiet wispy passages to dramatic rock build-ups. The remaining tracks are of a quieter nature, but just as cutting edge: ‘What Is’, ‘Ode To Those Left Behind’, the ballad ‘There’s A Reason’ and ‘Come To Jesus’, the latter adding dreamy flute accompaniment to the mix. That’s it – just five songs with an elapsed time of around 28 minutes total. but given the high quality of the music I’m hard pressed to complain. All titles written by Charlie, plus he does all vocals and most of the instruments. No keyboards or other additives. Back cover describes his pre-Christian background in several rock groups where he preached “empty messages of dope, free love and meaningless life”. Home-made endeavor from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









Charlie Earnst - A (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1A Question of Faith 8:17
1-2Come to Jesus 6:14
2-1What Is 3:14
2-2There's a Reason 5:35
2-3Ode to Those Left Behind 4:30