Saved (Columbia FC 36553) 1980


Dylan, Bob - Saved













From the title refrain of “I’ve been saved by the blood of the lamb to the hand-of-God cover art, to the Scripture-quoting inner sleeve, Dylan left little doubt where he was coming from on this one. The rock music cognoscenti picked up on that and subsequently called it Dylan at his preachiest. Although the song-writing is perhaps not as memorable as on Slow Train Coming, Saved nevertheless benefits from being heavily energized by black gospel influences. In particular, the expressive trio of female backing singers gives a rather unique stamp to this outing. The coupling of rock and gospel is especially effective on ‘Solid Rock’ and the driving title cut. Slower moods characterize side two, where titles like ‘Pressing On’, ‘In The Garden’, ‘Saving Grace’ and ‘Are You Ready’ all helped assure 1980 Christian music fans that they had indeed “bagged the big one”. Dylan would to continue to explore Christian themes for one more full album (1981 ’s respected Shot Of Love) before expanding to other topics.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Bob Dylan - Saves (SL 1)



Bob Dylan - Saved (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and gate-fold photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1A Satisfied Mind 1:57
1-3Covenant Woman 6:02
1-4What Can I Do for You? 5:54
1-5Solid Rock3:55
2-1Pressing On5:11
2-2In the Garden5:58
2-3Saving Grace5:01
2-4Are You Ready4:41