The Way Rhythm Group (Thule SLP 106) 1971? UK *



Way, The - Rhythm Group















Another British Salvation Army outfit, looking very Joystrings-esque with their instruments, suits and ‘S’-lettered collars. This obscure record features John Young, Ann Young, Jimmy Neill and Erling Grormeberg dishing out cover songs in a sparse murky amateur folk/beat fashion. They’ve got acoustic guitar, electric bass and drums, but what’s sorely missing is some electric guitar. It also doesn’t help that the bass is drowning out much of the acoustic strums. Kind of like an ultra lowrent Glorylanders with a girl. Listenable, but barely. Includes covers of Joystrings (‘Have Faith In God’, ‘A Starry Night’), Judy Mackenzie (‘That’s How It Is’) and Gerry McClelland (‘I Love The Flowers’), along with some traditionals like ‘Were You There’, ‘Have You Ever Wished’, ‘When I Survey’ and ‘Just A Closer Walk With Thee’. You can’t help but smile at that drummer’s bare-bones kit with just the bass and snare. This thing looks a lot older than it actually is. Shetland label.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).