Hill Climbing For Beginners (Myrrh MSA-6543-LP) 1975 UK * (USA Version)



















Okay, maybe I was a little harsh above. This is the version most of us in the USA grew up with, the one with the circular photo of the band against a white background Although the American release of Hill Climbing For Beginners is a lesser version than the UK original, it still remains a singular artistic statement in Christian music, several kilometers above your typical US Myrrh-label offering (if the original is an “A+”, this one’s still a solid “A”). Given the lack of progressive folk-rock within the American Jesus music scene, it’s rather amazing that the album even got issued here in the first place. Where else on an American Christian label can you find anything close to the artful structures within the 11-minute ‘Song Of The Cross’ or the 7-minute ‘Jesus I’ve Been Walking’? Much of the group’s identity of course comes from Bill Thorp’s creative violin work, but the guitar work and percussion are also top notch, providing essential components to the group’s sound. Whether the fragile melancholy of ‘Stranger In The World’ and the title track, the CSN-ish folk-rock of ‘I Used To Be Blind (But Now I’m Just Shortsighted)’, or the more rock-edged ‘I Have Seen The Lord’, Water Into Wind Band draws you in with their immediately likable style. Note: to further complicate matters, I’ve been told that the US version was also later pressed on Myrrh UK using the same cover art as the US – so if you’re after the original UK version, make sure it has the brown cover photo of the band members in the field.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Stranger In The Word4:23
1-2I Used To Be Blind5:28
1-3Jesus I've Been Walking6:45
1-4Hill Climbing For Beginners3:31
2-1Start Of A Run3:37
2-2Song Of The Cross5:24
2-3I Have Seen The Lord5:39