Because I Am (Clear Light CL2-101) 1973


















Diverse two-disc rock musical featuring various artists, including input from Turley Richards, Greg Volz, Mike Johnson and numerous others. Best of the lot here is “e”, an early Jesus rock band featuring Greg Volz, later to become the lead singer of Petra. Two of their three songs approach eight minutes in length, including the intense hard rocker ‘Journey To Calvary’ that inspired one house guest to ask me “is that Led Zeppelin?”. Their other two songs are also solid entries: ‘If A Child’ and ‘Rejoice’ (the latter also appears on The Sheep’s Lonesome Stone and Servant’s Shallow Water). Volz’s trademark screams are’ easily recognizable amidst the heavy organ and electric guitars. Mike Johnson’s ‘Empty Hollow Choruses’ is strong, a lengthy orchestrated acoustic piece typical of his output during that era. Everyday People has a big brassy rock sound ala Chicago, not entirely consistent but still managing a few decent hard-edged soulful-organ grooves within the eight-minute ‘Babylon’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’. Newine also makes use of horns on the seven-minute ‘The Search’, although their other song ‘He Is In Me’ seems to rock more convincingly (Volz appears on vocal harmony on both tracks). Turley Richards sings the acoustic title ballad. Also a couple instrumentals, one with funky ‘70s crime-drama jazz-rock breaks. More or less top of the heap as far as Christian rock musicals go. Colorful fold-out cover. Many of the participants would go on to appear on the label’s follow-up release Cry 3 (see entry). Re-issued on CD by Hidden Vision in 2005. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Because I Am (In Lt)




Because I Am (In Rt)














Because I Am (Bck)




















I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and gate-fold photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
A1TURLEY RICHARDS - Because I Am (Instrumental)2:04
A3"E" BAND - If A Child3:52
B1MIKE JOHNSON - Empty Hollow Choruses7:38
B2NEWINE - The Search7:01
C1"E" BAND - Journey To Calvary8:14
C2EVERYDAY PEOPLE - Where Do We Go From Here6:00
D1NEWINE - The Search (Reprise)1:00
D2NEWINE - He Is In Me2:33
D3TURLEY RICHARDS - Because I Am4:03
D4"E" BAND - Rejoice7:47