More Than The Sands (S80 1546S) 1977?







St John Vianney Seminary Schola - More Than The Sands



















More Than The Sands is another fine achievement for the melodic Catholic folk style. The album flows with a warm moving elegance, calm stirring harmonies complemented by acoustic guitars, piano, bass and flute. Recalls the best of the PAA label (Tim Schoenbachler, He Shall Be Peace, Marty Haugen) or perhaps the St. Louis Jesuits without the choir and orchestration. Trumpet on a couple tracks fits in fine. The group is composed of five men (Brad Hinze, Rich Meyette, Tom Kommers, John Mischke and ‘Greg Tolaas) from St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. An uplifting set of sixteen original songs. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








St John's Vianney - More (Bck)








I have not acquired this album yet.   Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Psalm 81 (Shout For Joy)3:12
1-2The Bread Of God3:50
1-3Covenant Of Yahweh4:02
1-4Holy, Holy (Preface Acclamation)0:55
1-5Lamb Of God (Agnus Dei)1:12
1-6Psalm 1352:50
1-7Christ Has Died (Memorial Acclamation)0:35
1-8We Sing Alleluia2:18
2-1More Than The Sands3:45
2-2Psalm 63 (Song Of Desire)2:52
2-3Mary's Song3:48
2-4Lord's Prayer2:15
2-5Psalm 47 (Clap Your Hands)1:37
2-6Glory To God2:37
2-7Psalm 128 (Blessing For The Devout)3:54