Hosanna (SHE LP-100) 1975 UK *






















Charming unknown female folk private from England, decorated with resplendent acoustic guitar work. Some truly gorgeous material here, like ‘Lamb Of God’, ‘Lord Of Light’ and the Spanish-flavored ‘The Heavens Cry’, as well as catchy upbeat numbers such as the Medical Mission Sisters’ ‘Pilgrims Song’. No credits, but I’d guess maybe a half dozen gals plus a guy or two. The melodies are usually carried by unison harmonies, often with a floating ethereal presence that can be quite pretty, even if it is slightly “youth/teen” sounding. Two of the best tracks (‘Centurion’s Song’ and ‘Mothers Song’) are ballads from the self-composed “Folk Passion”; both break with the ensemble singing mold to highlight some beautiful male and female solo lead vocals. The group used to lead the Folk Mass every Sunday at St. Elphege’s Church in Wallington. Handsome cover features white lettering and design printed on light blue card stock. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



















I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Sabbath Prayer
1-2Lamb of God
1-3The Heavens Cry
1-4Pilgrims Song
1-5Centurions Song
1-6Mothers Song
2-2There Is A World
2-3In Christ To Live
2-4Faith Is Hard
2-5Lord Of Light
2-6We Are Going