The Light Shines On (RUAH-001) 1979

















From somewhere in the middle of North Dakota comes this excellent artsy custom of acoustic rock, lonesome folk meditations and rough-hewn out-doorsy rural rock. Nice unrefined bluesy electric guitar graces the latter, while the folk—edged material is delivered with the beauty and sensitivity of early Bruce Cockburn. Often enveloped with a stark solemn presence. Rick plays acoustic and electric guitar and wrote all the twelve titles, including ‘Candles Bum In The Distance’, ‘The Rich Man And Lazarus’, ‘Lady Sleeps With The Light On’, ‘Whistler Of Darkness And Dawn’, ‘Sea Of Mystery’, and ‘Out Of The Storm Into The Sun’. Additional instruments includes bass, fiddle (one song), harmony vocals, and synthesizer (sounding pleasantly trippy on the title track). Remarkable b&w cover design/ graphics. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Right Next To You
1-2See The Star
1-3Candles Burn In The Distance
1-4The Rich Man And Lazarus
1-5Lady Sleeps With The Light On
1-6Shine Like The Sun
1-7Lighten Our Darkness
2-1My Land (Whistler's Prayer)
2-2Whistler Of Darkness And Dawn
2-3Sea Of Mystery
2-4Out Of The Storm Into The Sun
2-5The Light Shines On