The Prodigal Son (Jonah SB JR 105) 1971?








Beck, Jacky - The Prodigal Son














Nothing like a good cheesy do-it-yourself folk musical. Sometimes it takes a shoestring budget, some ordinary joes and some good old home brewed sincerity to overcome what all those Light and Tempo musicals missed. The Prodigal Son has all the earmarks of a youth camp skit. The fact that something like this would make it to vinyl pleases me to no end. Simple folk songs backed by two guitars, an organ, a female youth ensemble and what I assume is Beck on lead vocals. In between the songs runs the storyline. The prodigal son argues with mom and dad, splits the scene, hooks up with some hilariously stereotyped hippies, ends up in a trash can, prays to Jesus, then goes home and leads dad to Jesus! All this in endearing Alabama accents and some classic lines Son: “Mom, make like a potato.” Mom: “What do you mean by that?” Son: “I’1l plant you now and dig you later!”. Psychy electric sounds open the hippie scene and for who knows why there’s an ultra-comy joke exchange right in the middle including a muffed punch line. Classic photos on the back, especially the hippies with their peace-sign plastered van. Same generic sundial/sunset cover as Emmaus Road Band. See also Noah And The Ark, Daniel And The Lions’ Den and Jonah And The Whale. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for finding the track list.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1If You Have A Problem
1-2Sometimes I Wonder
1-3God Is More
1-4The Ballad Of The Prodigal Son
1-5Is God Real?
2-1To See Your Brother In Darkness
2-2Does Anyone Care?
2-3I Know God's Real
2-4Invitation Song: The Ballad Of The Prodigal Son