Vol 04 El Amor Triunfara ( ) 1977  Mexico  *




This one is not in The Archivist There is a change in the lineup as seen in the cover photo. Several of these have a slower beat to them but there is some wild guitar work and some organ worked in as well. While “Jesucristo Es La Realidad” has some major funk sounds going on. There is wah-wah on several songs as well. I just enjoyed the graphical guitar work myself.   diakoneo


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Yo Quisiera Comprende3:23
1-2Dos Caminos4:29
1-3Cristo Pronto Volverá2:38
1-4El Amor Triunfará4:12
1-5Cristo Vive Hoy2:24
2-1El Paraíso3:57
2-2Solo En Cristo2:50
2-3A Su Nombre Gloria2:53
2-4Canto a Jesús2:23
2-5Jesucristo Es La Realidad4:02