Mi Dios Es Real Vol 3 (Generacion De Jesus  LP-3000)  1975  Mexico  *


Generacion De Jesus - Vol III


Vol. III doesn’t have near the edge of their other albums. In fact if you took the lesser ballad tracks off the first two records and made an album out of them, it might sound something like this (not every song here is slow, but a lot of them are). They’ve also added synth strings and electric piano to a few songs which modernizes their sound slightly. On the other hand, the organ is still in full cheese mode, plus there’s still plenty of wah-wah, tremolo and fuzz to go around. ‘Mi Dios Es Real’, ‘Cristo Rey’, ‘Gracias Dios’ and ‘Tienes Una Esperanza’ all pretty much make the grade in my book. You might recognize a couple melodies: ‘Si Buscas El Amor’ is basically ‘Pass It On’, while ‘Inspiration’ is Praise 111’s ‘Holy Holy’. ‘America Sera Para Cristo’ supplies another one of those peppy tunes with a purely Mexican vibe. Front cover has a great colorful photo of the guys on stage (always nice to see a group’s logo on the bass drum). No US info on the back cover of this one – just their Monterrey, Mexico address and phone. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Thank you Discogs for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-3America Sera Para Cristo2:57
1-4Si Buscas el Amor3:46
1-5Mi Dios Es Real4:48
2-1Padre Nuestro3:36
2-2Inspiracion Gracias Cristo3:58
2-3Cristo Rey3:07
2-4Gracias Dios3:55
2-5Tienes Una Esperanza2:45