Epitaph For A Rebel (Grapevine 116) 1978 UK *

















Epitaph often exhibits more of a commercial pop-rock sound than Through Different Eyes Now, even pushing towards MOR at times. Most of the folk elements are gone, the exception being the nine-minute Dylanesque epic ‘Tombstone’ which is nothing but Andy, acoustic guitar and harmonica. On this track the simple folk protest style is used to protest who else but the devil. The opening ‘You’ve Heard Them Talk’ has some decent slide-guitar gusto. Side two also comes up with a pair of energetic rockers (‘Give Me Some Money’ and the prog-edged ‘Running Away’), making up for the somewhat bland ballads that dominated side one. Interesting string arrangements coupled with minor-key waltz-time moods on ‘Not Another Day’. A couple guys from After The Fire help out (Nick Battle on bass, Pete Banks on keyboards), along with Mo Witham (electric and acoustic guitars) and Mark Williamson (backing vocals). By all means get your British friends to track these down. See also Moral Support and Maranatha (Shalom). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You've Heard Them Talk4:52
1-2The Man In Me4:38
1-3When Smiles Come Easy3:25
1-4Couldn't Live Without You3:40
1-5The End4:06
2-2Running Away4:16
2-3Give Me Some Money2:38
2-4Not Another Day3:27
2-5Someone Told Me3:13