The Way (Maranatha HS-777/7) 1973














Following some appearances on the early Maranatha samplers, The Way came up with this top-notch debut of country-flavored acoustic rock. The group consists of John Wickham, Bruce Herring, Dana Angle and Gary Arthur, all of whom trade off on acoustic and electric guitars, bass and lead vocals. Musically they are reminiscent of the ‘70s group America, especially on the ‘Ventura Highway’-like opener ‘Son Come Out’. A few crossovers into country rock on heavier-edged songs like ‘Song Of Joy’ and ‘New Song’, sometimes with a hint of Love Song. ‘Come On Down’, ‘Closer To God’ and ‘Are You Listening?’ show the group equally effective in creating stirring ballads. Acoustic guitar lovers will find much to admire here, but there is some fine electric work as well. Piano added to a couple songs, plus Alex MacDougall supplying drums and percussion throughout. Excellent harmonies communicating their love for the Savior and desire for others to know Him. Not as well known as other early bands like Love Song, 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Keaggy, etc., but they belong right next to them in the classic Jesus music section. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).
















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Son Come Out3:50
1-2You're Caught In A World4:09
1-3Song Of Joy3:29
1-4Come On Down3:43
1-5Closer To God4:31
2-1New Song3:48
2-2There's A Love2:44
2-3He's The Reason To Go On2:56
2-4Harvest Time4:34
2-5Are You Listening3:22