Beginnings (Bridge JSB 51853) 1978



Beckham, Steve - Beginnings















Folks who appreciate moody reflective artists like Phil McHugh, John Michael Talbot and Bruce Cockburn should find a friend in the music of talented singer/song-writer Steve Beckham. Beginnings is a custom recording that features twelve of Beckham’s compositions presented in a gentle melodic piano-and-guitar folk style. ‘Sometimes In Your Eyes’, ‘Good Friday’ and the title track are all beautiful moving ballads, each with elegant violin accompaniment. ‘Icarus’ is another stand-out, brisk dreamy soaring 12-string guitar backed by Arp synth and soft bongo percussion. ‘King Of The Canyon’, ‘When God Comes Back’, ‘Water’, ‘Charlie’s Epitaph’ and ‘Summer Boy’ are some of the other song titles. Stirring vocals throughout. Not the same Bridge label as Wedgwood and all. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not located a copy of this album yet.   Thank you Donald for the song list and the rear cover photo.  Thank you Brian for the album info.   diakoneo



Steve Beckham (Bck)














Song #Song TitleTime
1-1King Of The Canyon
1-3Little Boy Blue
1-4When God Comes Back
1-5Sometimes In Your Eyes
2-4Charlie’s Epitaph
2-5Good Friday
2-6Summer Boy