Peace Like A River (King WR5157) 1979


Greer, Mark - Peace Like A River


Fourteen more selections. Very similar to Love Is The Reason, with piano in the forefront, plus guitar, arp string ensemble, bass and percussion for a mellow light rock and ballads sound, plus a couple songs in his simple acoustic guitar format. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Mark Greer - Peace (Bck)


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Peace Like A River3:00
1-2Mary My Mother2:50
1-3A Man And Me2:45
1-4Brighter Than Day2:46
1-5'Dat Jesus Boy2:55
1-6Gamblin' Man3:09
1-7Shine On Me Someday2:40
2-1Free To Be Free2:19
2-2Like The Wild, Restless Sea2:23
2-3Through The Bad Times2:33
2-4My Child, I Love You2:28
2-5A Man Named Jesus2:36
2-6The Eucharist3:00
2-7Someone Told Me Today2:22