East Of The Altar (Altar EA-1500) 1977















This male Louisiana foursome’s custom reminds me a lot of the breezy sunshine approach of early Sweet Comfort. Spirited songs with a light jazz-rock angle and a bit of jamming (some good electric guitar, organ, electric piano), along with a few loungy soft jazz ballads ala Sonlight. Opens with a version of Ken Medema’s ‘On A Day Like Today’ with brisk electric bass and Vibraphone soloing. Tell me they don’t sound dead-on like Sweet Comfort Band on ‘I May Never Pass This Way Again’. Cool echoed electric guitar solo on ‘Can I Trust Him With My Life?’. Shifts into moody realms for the dreamy ballad ‘Two Worlds’. Also some good rural folk-rocking, including covers of songs by Dove (‘Preacher Man’), The Way (‘There’s A Love’) and The Talbots (‘Coming Home To Jesus’). ‘Show Them The Way’ closes the album with smooth-rippling bongo percussion, warm harmonies, summery organ and jazzy acoustic guitar soloing. Nice wholesome sound through and through. Colorful psychedelic cover.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1On A Day Like Today3:16
1-2Two Worlds5:36
1-3Preacher Man3:35
1-4Can I Trust Him With My Life4:25
2-1I May Never Pass This Way Again3:18
2-2There's A Love2:54
2-3Coming Home To Jesus3:16
2-4Suffer The Children3:42
2-5Show Them The Way3:20