Beyond (Greybeard MC-179711) 1971



















Not a big ensemble of folks singing hillbilly tunes as I originally envisioned based on their name, but in actuality a small group with a very appealing flute-accompanied folkrock style that’s bathed in dreamy rural sentiments. Typically slow and soft, often with a nice subtle electric edge, or sometimes gently poking along country style with piano. Led by songwriters/guitarists Mose and Charles Henry who wrote or arranged eleven of the twelve selections here, such as ‘Move Together’, ‘We Shall Be’, ‘Garden In My Mind’, ‘What Will I Do With Tomorrow’, ‘How High Is That Mountain’, ‘Softly Through The Wind’ and ‘Twenty-Third Psalm’. Some good fuzz guitar on the gospel rockin’ ‘Joy’. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Move Together2:37
1-2We Shall Be2:28
1-3Day Before Tomorrow2:36
1-4Garden In My Mind2:29
1-5Time To Go3:32
1-6What Will I Do With Tomorrow2:58
2-1How High Is That Mountain4:08
2-2The Answer2:30
2-4Softly Through The Wind2:40
2-5A Long Time Ago3:12
2-6Twenty Third Psalm2:23