Fingerprint (Palmfrond PALM 1001) 1980 Switzerland *




Another big Heard rarity released only in Switzerland with only three of the thirteen songs appearing on other albums. Mix of acoustic, country and rock tracks, the latter having a more pared-down raw approach compared to previous lps (often a similar tone to Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill’s Solid Rock output from the same era). Noticeable maturity in sound as well, beginning to step into the style that would characterize his ‘80s albums Stop The Dominoes, Victims Of The Age and Mosaics. Gritty rockers (‘I’m In Chains’, ‘Gimme Mine’) balanced with acoustic ballads of the Appalachian Melody variety (‘Nowadays’, ‘Well-Worn Pages’). Intelligent insightful lyrics that reflect on society values (‘Gimme Mine’), existentialism (‘All The Sleepless Dreamers’), personal skepticism (‘One More Time’) and how Christians frequently oversimplify life (‘Negative Charge’). Nice country stroll ala Gram Parsons on ‘Just The Same’, with wonderful background vocals from Janet Sue Heard. Even a humorous live tidbit sung in German (‘Es Tut Mir Leid’) where Heard claims that he’s just a “dummer Amerikaner” (ie, a “dumb American”). Includes assistance by Peter Johnson (drums), Jon Linn (acoustic and electric leads, slide guitar), and Tom Howard (piano, synthesizer). As with all Heard product it’s exceedingly good. Re-issued on CD.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1 I'm In Chains3:32
1-3One More Time2:59
1-5Just The Same3:17
1-6Well-Worn Pages2:46
1-7Gimme Mine3:46
2-1All The Sleepless Dreamers3:28
2-2Negative Charge3:50
2-3Brown-Eyed Sue3:13
2-4Es Tut Mir Leid1:55
2-5Remarks To Mr. McLuhan2:01
2-6Threefold Amen0:20
2-7Threefold Amen0:23