Appalachian Melody (Solid Rock SRA 2009) 1979



Back in the late ‘70s every new release on the Solid Rock label was a momentous occasion for me. I remember when this one hit the racks Mark who? It looked kinda folky. but it had that “Larry Norman Presents” teaser on the front so I bought it on the spot, took it home, played it and immediately thought that’s nice -L the Christian Jam MARK HEARD es Taylor”. The album didn’t sink in immediately as I was hoping for something musically more radical, but over time I began to see that there was something very special here. As with Mark’s debut, Appalachian Melody is mostly acoustic ballads with a gentle-breeze back-to-nature vibe (‘Bless My Soul’, ‘With The Setting Sun’, the title song), a few tenderly orchestrated by Tom Howard (‘Castaway’, ‘Two Trusting Jesus’). Also some light-to-middle-ground rock of the Stonehill-Norman variety, including ‘Here I Am (Once Again)’ and the rocking opener ‘On The Radio’. Credits include John Linn on lead electric guitar, as well as MARK HEARD  Larry Norman on “ooohs” and Randy Stonehill on “aaahs”. Mark’s sense of humor surfaces here and there on tracks like ‘Jonah’s Song’ and ‘Happy Cornbread Anniversary’, the latter featuring Randy on “living horns” (sounds suspiciously like an armpit). Still sounds just as fresh today.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1On The Radio3:38
1-3Bless My Soul4:04
1-4Here I Am (Once Again)3:54
1-5With The Setting Sun1:42
1-6Appalachian Melody4:17
2-1Happy Cornbread Anniversary1:48
2-2Two Trusting Jesus4:13
2-3Jonah's Song5:26
2-4Sidewalk Soliloquy3:18
2-5The Last Time3:16
2-6The Saints0:22