Rhyme And Reason (Songs Of Sharon SLPS—1083) 1977?






It would it in no way be exaggerating to say that Joan’s endearing acoustic folk style is of equal quality to respected artists like Marj Snyder, Linda Rich and Barbie Sipple. Her gentle acoustic presentation often yields a beautiful soft mesmerizing quality, as on ‘Coral Days And Raven Nights’, ‘The Cross Was Heavy Too’, ‘Why It’s So Important’ and ‘The Leaves Are Brown (But Just One Time)’. Elsewhere her songs may be playful and bright (‘Sing It One More Time’, ‘Is It Hard To Believe?’), fragile and graceful (‘Start1e The Morning’) or touched with stirring singer/songwriter sentiments (‘God—Shaped Emptiness’). Dreamy flute accompaniment embraces several songs, while other titles are subtly enhanced to include such instruments as piano, vibes, electric guitar, banjo, bass and drums. Attractive lead guitar work here and there‘ All original songs written by Joan. Both albums from Tift College in Forsyth, Georgia. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





I have not acquired this album yet.


01. A Morning Bright

02. Sing It One More Time

03. God Shaped Emptiness

04. Is It Hard To Believe?

05. Coral Days And Raven Nights

06. Startle The Morning

07. The Cross Was Too Heavy

08. Why's It So Important?

09. The Leaves Are Brown (But Just One Time)

10. Til Day Is Done