He Shall Be Peace (PAA AA14) 1977


He Shall Be Peace


He Shall Be Peace is a continuation of the group formerly known as The 10:15. Same players as in the past (plus a few additional ones on vocals), now moving into a calm meditative folk/praise sound Very pretty with classical overtones and stunning vocals, not unlike God Unlimited’s quieter moments. All lyrics taken from or inspired by Scripture passages, including a couple selections based on the Apocryphal books Tobit (‘Tobiah’s Prayer’) and Baruch (the lovely cello-backed ‘Arise, Jerusalem’). Acoustic guitars mostly, plus some piano. Beautiful use of recorder on ‘This Is The People’. Also includes a 7” EP (in its own pic sleeve) of four additional tracks (‘Gloria’, ‘Acclamation’, ‘Lamb Of God’, ‘Our Father’), making for eighteen songs in all. Striking gatefold cover illustration of tree silhouettes against sunset.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


He Shall Be Peace - He (In Lt)

He Shall Be Peace - He (In Rt)

He Shall Be Peace - He (Bck)



I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Brian for the song list. Thank you Donald for the added gate-fold & rear photos.


Track NumberSong TitleTime
1-1Not bread alone / P. Wrynn
1-2 I lift my eyes / P. Wrynn
1-3Father of love / S. Tracy
1-4Do not forget me / D. Mason
1-5Gifts / G. Hunter, P. Wrynn
1-6And I will thank the Lord / P. Wrynn
He shall be peace / P. Wrynn
2-1Behold / P. Wrynn
2-2This Is the People /S. Tracy
2-3I shall sing your praises / S. Tracy
2-4Spirit song / S. Tracy
2-5Tobiah's prayer / G. Hunter
2-6Psalm 127 / P. Wrynn
2-7Arise, Jerusalem / P. Wrynn
7" EP
1-1Gloria / S. Tracy, P. Wrynn
1-2Acclamation / P. Wrynn
2-1Lamb of God / P. Wrynn
2-2Our Father / D. Mason