Erwartung (Lord 33523) 1978 Germany *




Symphonic progressive rock bands are few and far between in Christian music, but in 1978 the German group Eden emerged with an art-rock sound that had creativity, musicianship and production values that mirrored many of their secular counterparts. Admittedly the style had peaked a few years earlier, but Eden stayed true to the original vision with lengthy songs, variations in tempo and mood, classical and jazz influences, dreamy melodic textures and extended instrumental passages. Defining the Eden sound are dynamic male/female harmonies, spacey dramatic spoken sections, layers of multifaceted synthesizers, graceful flute work, Kansas-like violin, hard-rock guitars, saxophone and other varied instrumentation. Even a touch of sitar on the moody title track. Fleeting impressions of artists like Nektar, Camel and King Crimson, but they ultimately emerge with a unique style all their own. Only five songs, but they’ll extend pieces like ‘Ein Anderes Land’ out to sixteen minutes (love those distorted sci-fi vocals). Erwartung (German for “expectation”) is not their best album, but it nevertheless stands as a very impressive debut, as well as a fitting introduction to their follow-up masterpiece Perelandra. Spectacular cover art to match. All lyrics in Gennan, which is the case with their other albums as well.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Spaetregen (Latter Rain)7:09
1-2Erwartung (Expectation)6:41
1-3Eden, Teil 1 (Part 1)4:35
2-1Eden, Teil 2 (Part 2)8:08
2-2Ein Anderes Land (Another Country)16:31