Everlasting Life/Hard Rock (NRS 2587-SLP) 1971









Earthen Vessel - Everlasting Life




















Behold Earthen Vessel: a pulverizing hard rock behemoth utterly aflame with gargantuan fuzz, distortion, wah-wah, feedback, you name it. This is about as heavy as they come. Screaming bluesy guitar jams, throbbing bass, pummeling drums, crashing cymbals, surging organ, wailing harmonica, lengthy songs. Check out ‘I’ve Been Walking With My Lord’ where electric guitar and fuzz bass trade off licks for nine solid minutes! The whole album is intense with reckless late-’60s garage band jamming from start to finish, tracks like ‘Life Everlasting’, ‘You Can’, ‘Let Jesus Bring You Back’ and ‘Coming Home’ all building to blistering peaks of searing fuzz guitar. Closes with a cover of the classic US Apple Corps hippie-finds-God anthem ‘Get High On Jesus’. Alternates male and female lead vocals, the latter belting out the simple I-found-Jesus lyrics with the passion of a Grace Slick. An extremely scarce private press released on a Nashville custom label, though the band itself was out of Lansing, Michigan. A 45 with a pic sleeve also exists featuring two cuts from the album. Well worth prying over every flea market in the country until you find a copy, as originals can easily command four-digit figures. For the more budget minded, a quality re-issue was made available on both CD and vinyl in 1999. The latter includes an insert with a short history of the band from one of the members. telling how their music was “very offensive” in the eyes of many church leaders and how they were once harmed on a tour for being too loud.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).















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Song #Song TitleTime
01Life Everlasting6:10
02You Can4:41
03Let Jesus Bring You Back3:58
04I've Been Walkin'8:49
05Coming Home2:58
06Get High3:26