The Lord Reigneth (Avant Garde ACS 138) 1978



Paula Diesel - Lord (Fnt)




This is the final recording that I’m aware of on the ground breaking Avant Garde label, as well as one of the most obscure. The Lord Reigneth is a moving set of twelve songs in the melodic Catholic folk style. Paula’s tunes have a rich lyrical quality, each bearing words taken directly from Scripture. Paula appears on vocals, piano and guitar, while other members of her New Britain, Connecticut fellowship add organ, bass, tambourine, drums and additional guitar and vocals. Definitely a folky acoustic kind of sound with that familiar piano/guitar blend, though it’s the organ that really gives these tunes a lift. A few songs have a minor-key Hebrew feel. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scot).


This one is also listed as on the (Fellowship Records  CSS 117) with a 1976 date.  The   information found  here  contains a similar yet slightly different cover Paula’s name is missing and location of THE NEW BRITAIN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is moved. Different color also.




Paula Diesel - Lord (Bck)





I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the improved cover photos.



A1. Ps. 93 “The Lord Reigneth”
A2. Is. 26  “Thou Wilt Keep Himin Perfect Peace”
A3. Ps. 24 “Lift Up Your Heads”
A4. Rev. 5 “Worthy Is The Lamb”
A5. Ps. 98 “Sing A New Song”
A6. Jona. 2 “When My Soul Fainted”
B1. Jos. 1 & 11 Cor. 10 “Have I Not Commanded You?”
B2. Ps. 117 “Praise The Lord All Ye Nations”
B3. He. 2 “We See Jesus”
B4. Mi. 7″Rejoice Not Against Me”
B5. Mat. 11 “Come Unto Me”
B6. Hos. 10 “Sow To Yourselves In Righteousness”