Get The Drift? / Songs From The Earth (Chapel Lane/Star Song  CLS 8003/SSR-0039)  1980/1982  UK */USA



Williamson Band, Mark - Get The Drift








Admirable album of AOR, pop-rock, new wave and ballads from British band consisting of Mark Williamson, Chris Eaton, Rob Marshall and Mark Millin. Crunchy guitars join Eaton’s prominent synthesizers for a dynamic ‘80s sound, sometimes reminiscent of fellow countrymen After The Fire or Barratt Band. Contains ten original songs, seven of which appeared on a modified 1982 US Star Song release in a different cover called Songs From The Earth, where the band’s name was changed to Lyrix. ‘Junior’, ‘So Far So Good’ and ‘Feeling Alright’ appear only on this UK release, while the track ‘Susanne’ on the US lp is missing here. Saxophone jazzing up a few songs, including the disco ‘(It Makes Me Wanna) Dance’. The ATF comparisons are most noticeable on ‘Midnight Diamond’, ‘Junior’ and ‘Don’t Turn Your Back’. Cool ethereal vocal effects on the closing ‘I Would Have Listened’, a convicting song about how we can tend to keep our witness silent among friends. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).











I have not acquired this album yet.


1-1 Midnight Diamond 4:08
1-2 All Very Well 4:56
1-3 Junior 2:55
1-4 Somebody Told Me 5:00
1-5 So Far So Good 3:46
2-1 Dance 3:23
2-2 Don’t Turn Your Back On Jesus 3:21
2-3 Feelin’ Alright 3:58
2-4 Rising 4:00
2-5 I Would Have Listened 5:46