The Mystery Of His Love (Fish FR 101) 1971?



Cinquini, Laura-Beth - The Mystery Of His Love



l’ll take as many of these homemade female folksinger albums as I can get. Another college-age gal with a very pretty voice and a fresh acoustic style similar to Marj Snyder’s A Time Of Peace. Laura-Beth writes much of her own material while also performing covers of The Dameans (‘Shout Out Your Joy’), God Unlimited (‘Songs From My Heart’) and Sister Germaine (‘Love One Another’). Nice dreamy feel, whether it’s just her and guitar, or subtly enhanced with moody percussion: the exotic sustained ring of a triangle; the continuous murmur of a cymbal; even a soft muted Jonathan & Charles kind of beat on a couple numbers. Directed and recorded by Larry James. Pressed on the same pre-Discovery label as the Music Of Body Life album. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






I have not acquired this album yet.