Nothing Is Impossible  (Kingsway  KMR 303)  1979  UK *







Similar melodic rock, pop and ballads mixture here. Some songs have a mild ‘70s FM edge ala John and Joel, others reflect the mellow style of fellow countryman Adrian Snell. One of the more interesting tracks is ‘Jesus On The Airwaves’ about the lack of Christian messages on radio and TV. Old Testament themes comprise much of side two (‘Abraham’, ‘Bread In The Wilderness’, ‘Canaan’), culminating with ‘Final Curtain’ and ‘Greater Is He’. Polymoog used effectively on several selections. Guitars “strummed and thrashed” by Mo Witham. Distributed in the US on the Star Song label (SSR 0025). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Nothing Is Impossible3:21
1-2The Spirit Not The Flesh3:02
1-3Jesus On The Airwaves3:17
1-4Take Me Back To The Fire2:04
1-5Muddy Waters2:41
2-2Bread In The Wilderness3:05
2-4Dry Days3:18
2-5Emmanuel 2:31
2-6Final Curtain3:28
2-7Greater Is He3:50