Johnny’s Café  (Light  LS-5757)  1978







Johnny ’s Café is notable for its thought provoking lyrics, as well as its musical maturity within the singer-songwriter style. Several songs in his usual soft rock and easy jazz format, but he can also be found trying out a Billy Joel-ish sound on the title track and ‘Talking Faces’. ‘One Lane Road’ and ‘Pawn In The Game’ are both good rock-oriented tracks with effective brass backing ala Paul Clark, the latter song considering America’s fate in the end times. ‘Hard Line’ has a similar electric jazz/rock edge, with lyrics that put to rest any initial notions that the Christian life will be a walk in the park. All of John’s Light recordings possess a very special wholesomeness and sincerity that have caused many to cherish them as Jesus music classics. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).










Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Johnny's Café4:07
1-2One Lane Road4:01
1-3Nothin' In This World3:34
1-4Circle Of Blessing3:53
1-5Talking Faces4:21
2-1Pawn In The Game3:40
2-2Right On Time3:08
2-3Hard Line3:56
2-5Midnight On Main Street3:27