Naphtali  (Light  LS-5693)  1976


Naphtili continues in the ultra-mellow but well-produced soft-rock format of Still Life. A variety of easygoing moods, ranging from the climactic and richly orchestrated title ballad, to the slow lazy pop/jazz stroll of ‘We Are His Workmanship’, to country-tinged ccm with steel guitar (‘Don’t Veil The Door’, ‘Song For The Good Times’), to island tinged folk/pop (‘Work Out The Life’) to classical string-backed acoustic ballad (‘Arise My Beloved’). Includes one song written and sung by Pam Mark Hall (‘Mary & Joseph’). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




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Song #Song TitleTime
1-2We Are His Workmanship3:59
1-3Don't Veil The Door3:44
1-4Work Out The Life2:55
1-5Naphtali, Arise3:00
2-1Angel's Song3:46
2-2Mary And Joseph4:34
2-3Song For The Good Times3:53
2-4Live In The Power5:04
2-5Arise, My Beloved4:10