The New Covenant  (Light  LS—5658-LP)  1975


Fischer, John - The New Covenant

This is not a regular John Fischer release, but a rather a musical about “a new way to be holy”, written by Fischer, performed by Fischer and others. Music is of the choral folk, pop and light rock variety, with periodic solo vocalists (including Fischer), plus short spoken passages between the songs. The rock angle does manage to pick up occasionally (I believe I heard some fuzz in there), but still this project may not have the same appeal as his other albums to a lot of listeners. Contains ‘Alleluia’, one of his best known songs. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


John Fisher - New (Bck)


Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.  Thank you Discogs for the label photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Let It Be Free2:28
1-2What Has Gone Wrong3:08
1-3Evangelical Veil Productions2:20
1-4Ways And Means2:44
1-6The Way Of Peace And Alleluia (Reprise)
2-1I'm A Vessel2:51
2-2We All Get Hurt4:13
2-3We Have Died2:50
2-4Rest In Him / Alleluia (Reprise)3:54