Janet Elise  (Praise Hymn  PHM-LP101)  1978



Elise, Janet


Someone wrote “she sounds like Joan Baez” on the back of this young folk-singer’s custom record — and who am I to argue? If you enjoy Debby Kerner or Barbie/Barbara Sipple you’ll want this one as well, as it’s another top-notch entry in the female folksinger category, showing both talent and variety of expression (not to mention a lovely voice). Some of her songs are presented with just acoustic guitar backing, such as ‘Praise The Lord’ and ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’. Other titles may fittingly combine the guitar with either organ or piano accompaniment. Two of the best songs (‘Arise Beloved’ and ‘The Answer’) include beautiful string arrangements (yes, I’m actually praising the use of orchestration here). Mix of upbeat and solemn moods, with instruments played by Janet and one assistant (Paul Dobies). Ten original songs (eight written by Janet), plus a cover of the traditional folk tune ‘Virgin Mary’. Sweet cover art as well. From Los Alarnitos, California. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Janet Elise side 1


Janet Elise LP side 2


Janet Elise back cover


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Brian for the rear cover photo and the track list with times.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Melody of His Love 2:58
1-2Arise Beloved 3:03
1-3Praise the Lord 3:52
1-4The Lord Is My Shepherd 2:10
1-5The Answer 3:16
2-1Sing To The Lord 2:16
2-2Sweet Peace 3:29
2-3Jesus, Jesus 3:42
2-4Messiah of the Living 2:05
2-5Virgin Mary 2:47
2-6Praising My Lord 4:20