After The Flood Before The Fire (Lamb & Lion LL-1020) 1975








Respected country folk-rock duo of Ron Elder and Steve Chapman, with Annie Chapman on bgvs. Acoustic guitars, light electric guitar, slide, steel, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, bass, drums, plus some keyboards (piano, electric piano, synth strings) all work together to achieve a warm, happy feel. Mostly on the gentle side, yet energetic. Easygoing rural songs (both acoustic and plugged-in), a few bluegrass flourishes, ballads, some CSN-ish harmonies, building into heavier rock reaches on the classic ‘Watergrave’. Other titles include ‘Remember Whose Child You Are’, ‘Jesus Is Passing By’, ‘Sometime Someplace’ and ‘Journey Music’. The group is named after the dogwood tree and the symbolism of its blossom to the cross. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








01. The News

02. I Don't Want To Be Deceived

03. Remember Whose Child You Are

04. One Lane Road

05. Sometime - Someplace

06. If I Forget The Ones

07. Jesus Is Passing By

08. Journey Music

09. It's The Truth

10. All Of  You

11. Watergrave

12. After The Flood, Before The Fire