Love Note (Lamb & Lion LL-1026) 1976








Another splendid collection of heartening country-warmed folk-rock tunes. Annie gets a bigger role on this one, making the group sound more like a trio. The production is also a bit crisper. Best cut is ‘Buffalo Creek’, a Neil Young-ish rural rock track about a 1972 West Virginia flood disaster. Other personal favorites are ‘Jesus Is Coming Soon’, the electric folk-rocker ‘I’ll Be Ready To Go’ and the beautiful acoustic title cut. ‘I’ll Bring Him Back To You’ places Annie in the lead vocal position. Also contains ‘Keep On Walkin’, one of their better known songs. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









01. Love Note

02. I'll Be Ready To Go

03. Seed Song

04. I'll Bring Him Back To You

05. What Do You Plan To Do

06. Keep On Walkin'

07. Glad I Came By Here

08. I'm Gonna Leave My Troubles

09. Buffalo Creek

10. Jesus Is Coming Soon