Victory  (Victory  DS 1001)  1978





Debbie Studer has a mellow appealing sound similar to the pop-flavored Jesus music of Pam Mark Hall, along with a few jazzy ‘70s female singer/songwriter vibes. Features Debbie on guitar, piano and vocals, with assisting musicians combining to deliver a professional sound comparable to labels like Maranatha or Myrrh. Victory contains twelve of her songs, with moods that include country (‘Happy Hearted Christian’), friendly boogie blues (‘Boy Of The Bible’) and acoustic ballad (the beautiful ‘Perfect Flower’). Mild suggestions of Carly Simon on the piano ballad ‘In The Imitation Oi‘ and the dreamy pop/MOR track ‘Only In You’. Nice rocking electric guitar work on ‘Be Gone Satan’ and the title track. From Ossining, New York. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1He Wants To Give His Love4:15
1-2Happy Hearted Christian2:25
1-3Boy Of The Bible2:39
1-4Singin' For My Savior3:12
1-5Perfect Flower4:23
1-6Philippians 4:6-73:00
2-1Only In You2:25
2-2Without You3:32
2-3Be Gone Satan2:40
2-4A Simple I Love You
2-5In The Imitation Of4:00